Electromagnetic Defectoscopy Module

Main features:

• Calculate the thickness and loss of metal by any number of metal barriers/columns (limited only by the characteristics of the device).
• Automatic analysis of the input data quality with visualization of the results.
• Tracking eccentricity of pipes and tool in the well.
• Normalization of the registered electromotive force at the set temperature and current intensity.
• Ability to configure environmental parameters (well geometry, magnetic permeability of pipes).
• Automatic algorithm for locating the column joints and tubing pipe displaying them in the well structure diagram.

Module delivery features

• Within the delivery, the developer of the module calculates individual theoretical templates for the Electro-Magnetic defectoscope used by the customer.
• Further templates calibration on the results of bench measurements is available for improving the accuracy of calculations. It is performed if the customer has bench measurements done by the defectoscope and at his request.